Winning smile of Monaleesa – ribociclib in the first line of palliative treatment of hormone dependent breast cancer


MUDr. Tomáš Svoboda, Ph.D.

Onkologická a radioterapeutická klinika FN Plzeň



A new group of targeted drugs is coming to the fore of clinical practice in endocrine dependent metastatic breast cancer. At this point CDK4/6 inhibitors are introduced whereas given in combination with aromatase inhibitors. The most recently published data from MONALLESA-2 study with letrozol and ribociclib show very high efectivity and good toxicity profile of this combination. The median PFS in ribociclib arm was not reached in this study until now. It seems to us that this regimen has a big chance to become a new treatment standard in the first line setting soon as it is proved already in the most important treatment guidelines worldwide.



metastatic breast cancer, aromatase inhibitors, estrogen receptors, CDK4/6 inhibitors, ribociclib, neutropenia



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