About us

The company Current Media, s.r.o., was founded in 2011 in Prague and its main focus is publishing activity. It ranks among the leading Czech publishers of journals and professional medical literature. Our production significantly contributes to the development of Czech medicine and various medical disciplines. 


We offer a wide range of publishing services to our partners. In addition to professional books and magazines, we also focus on the production of professional publications, educational brochures and leaflets, special materials and leaflets for patient organizations, etc. We provide services from graphic design, through editorial processing to distribution. An important feature of our magazines and books is the editorial quality processing, high-end graphic design and precise and bookbinding processing.


Our team has many years of experience and knowledge in the field of medicine, publishing and editorial work as well as in the pharmaceutical market. Its aim is a comprehensive and professional approach. We are open to new ideas and always strive for original concepts and excellent work results.


Books from our production regularly receive the most significant awards given by professional companies.