Instructions for authors of articles for Oncological review

Original work

7–10 standard pages

Review articles

8-10 standard pages


6-10 standard pages


4-6 standard pages

Clinical studies

5-8 standard pages

Case report

3-6 standard pages


1-2 pages

Drug profiles

6-10 standard pages

Dosage forms

5-8 standard pages


4-6 standard pages


The regular page of Word text (Times New Roman font, size 12, 1.5 line spacing) corresponds to approximately two standard pages, 1 standard page = 1,800 characters of electronic text, including spaces.


Attachments: it is necessary to distinguish types of attachments: tables (charts), graphs (charts), pictures including diagrams (pictures). Each type has its own numbering and from each type it is possible to insert a maximum of 5 attachments (5 graphs, 5 pictures, 5 tables). For tables and diagrams use a text editor, Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint. For charts, including source data, use Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint. All tables, charts and diagrams should be editable.

Photographs, images from CT, MR etc. must be attached only as separate files in JPG, PNG, TIFF or EPS format - min. 300 dpi, min. 12 cm.

Please do not compress JPG images! Pictures embedded in Microsoft Word text are generally not suitable for printing and cannot be accepted. Include a reference to the attachment in an adequate place in the text.


All attachments must bear the name and source from which the author drew, eg: author's archive, modified according to: quotation from a book, magazine, webpage, etc.


Literature: to be stated in ascending order, the reference number is in superscript (consecutive sorting). Literature at the end of the article according to the model:

Dupont IE, Carpentier YA, et al. Clinical use of lipid emulsions. Curr Opin Clin Nutr

Metab Care 1999;2:139–146.

Zlatohlávek L. a kol. Klinická dietologie a výživa. 1. vyd., Praha: Current Media, 2016; 291 s.

If there are 5 or more authors, cite the first three authors + et al.

The number of links should not exceed 30 citations.

Each article includes a short summary in Czech (approx. 10 lines) and a list of 3–6 keywords, and summary + keywords in English. Please send the title of the article both in Czech and in English.


Authors are asked to use the names of the active substances (generic or non-proprietary names), not the names of preparations, unless it is intended to characterize the particularities of the pharmaceutical form.


Note: furthermore, we ask authors to provide information on active substances that are not reflected in the SPC of the corresponding products, resp. the results of clinical studies not included in the SPC, in a separate paragraph after literature. Please also quote the quotations mentioned above separately.


Based on the review and the opinion of the professional editorial board, the article is accepted / not accepted or returned for revision or amendment.


The editorial office reserves the right to make minor language and graphic modifications.


Authors 'and reviewers' fees are paid on the basis of the Contract on Creation and Dissemination of the Work after publication of the article. The first author decides on the method of remuneration of possible co-authors. Recommended ranges of columns (number of standard pages) are the basis for the calculation of fees. Larger scope of the manuscript will not be reflected in the fee.


Administrative data - authors are sent a form to fill out (author card). Upon completion and return to the editor, the author is sent a copyright contract and paid a fee.


A part of the article is always a photograph of the first author (the best type is the “passport”).

Send it to the editor in electronic form in a suitable format (JPG, TIF, PSD, PDF) and in sufficient quality (sharpness, resolution at least 300 dpi). Please, do not use files with extensions: doc, docx, odt, ppt.


General rules: The custom of Current Media is to favor progressive forms in commonly used words, ie convergence of written and spoken forms of language (eg etiology, not ethiology).

However, words such as: chromosome, ribosome, trisomy ("soma"), thymus, thalamus, thyroidea, thorax, etc. are written in traditional way. Generic names of medicinal products are also recommendeddo not cleanse, eg ciclosporin, cyclophosphamide, erythromycin. Biochemical and chemical names should be based on Latin, e.g. ethane, ethyl.





Thank you and we look forward to working with you.




Instructions for authors - download file (.pdf)



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