Instructions to authors of case reports Pharmacotherapeutic Review, Oncological Review, specialized books


Scope of the article

Case reports have a range of approximately 3–6 standard pages, standard pages mean 30 lines × 60 characters per page – written in Microsoft Word, Times New Roman font.


Structure of case report

1. In the header please state the name and surname of the author(s) incl. degrees and the exact name of the workplace.


2. Descriptive title (also in English), summary (content of the case report – also in English), keywords (also in English), introduction description of the syndrome, the disease, its prevalence, current knowledge level, basic procedures of treatment, etc.), the case report should describe the case itself, the results of the examination, hospitalization. The conclusion then summarizes the results of treatment, respectively. Differential diagnosis, current medical condition of the patient, recommendation of further treatment, monitoring. The discussion should include an opinion on case report, eventually treatment of similar cases in general, future messages, recommendations, prevention, etc.

If abbreviations are used, a concise explanation must be given, or the abbreviations should not be used.


3. Attachments – it is possible to attach graphs, pictures, tables, diagrams to the case report.

It is necessary to distinguish types of attachments: tables (tab.), graphs (gr.), pictures including diagrams (fig.). Each type has its own numbering. For tables and diagrams use a text editor or Microsoft Excel. Power-point. Use Microsoft Excel for charts, include source data. Power-point can be used for charts, tables and diagrams, but all should be editable.


Any inserted photos, images from CT, MR, etc. must be attached only as separate files in the power-point, or. in JPG, PNG, TIF or EPS format - min. 300 dpi, min. 12 cm. Please do not compress the JPG images! Pictures embedded in text in Microsoft Word format are usually not suitable for printing. Include a reference to the attachment in an adequate place in the text.

All attachments must be provided with the title and source from which the author draw, eg: author's archive, adjusted according to: citation of a book, magazine, website etc.


4. Abbreviations need to be explained even if they have already been introduced in the text, in the form of a caption attached to a specific annex.


5. Literature

It is listed in ascending order, with the reference number in superscript (consecutive sorting). Literature should be listed at the end of the article according to the model:

Dupont IE, Carpentier YA, et al. Clinical use of lipid emulsions. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care 1999;2:139–146.

Zlatohlávek L, a kol. Klinická dietologie a výživa. 1. vyd., Praha: Current Media, 2016; 291 s.

If there are 5 or more authors, cite the first three authors + et al. The number of links should not exceed 10 citations.


6. Other

Please include the address, phone number and email address in the article. This is necessary due to the author's proofreading of the article before publication in the magazine.


Authors 'and reviewers' fees are paid on the basis of the Contract on Creation and Dissemination of the Work after publication of the article. The first author decides on the method of remuneration of possible co-authors. Recommended ranges of columns (number of standard pages) are the basis for the calculation of fees. Larger scope of the manuscript will not be reflected in the fee.


Administrative data – authors are sent a form to fill out (author card). Upon completion and return to the editor, the author is sent a copyright contract and paid a fee.


A part of the article is always a photograph of the first author (the best type is the “passport”).

Send it to the editor in electronic form in a suitable format (JPG, TIF, PSD, PDF) and in sufficient quality (sharpness, resolution at least 200 dpi). Please, do not use files with extensions: doc, docx, odt, ppt.





Thank you and we look forward to working with you.





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