What do oncology patients in the Czech Republic need?


Mgr. et Mgr. Anna Rubešová, Ph.D.1, Bc. Michaela Čadková Svejkovská1, Mgr. Zita Dubová2

1. Amelie, z.s., Praha

2. Výzkum trhu, Praha



Psychosocial care provided to people with cancer improves quality of their lives and reduces treatment costs. A survey, the first of its kind in the Czech Republic, was conducted to identify the needs of these patients and the importance of their needs. In order to explore the needs we have created a questionnaire, which was completed by 253 respondents. Responses showed that patients with cancer have a special need for a good relationship with health care professionals, psychological support and information regarding what state support they are entitled to during and after the disease. In all these areas, care of cancer patients can be improved.



psychosocial care, oncology patients, psychosocial needs



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