Vaccination against human papillomavirus in general practice for children and adolescents


MUDr. Alena Šebková

Ordinace praktického lékaře pro děti a dorost, Plzeň Odborná společnost praktických dětských lékařů ČLS JEP



Preventative health care for wide population is the cornerstone of any developed country healthcare system. Preventive systems are based on local customs and practices, but, at the same time, they develop with new medical knowledge. Prevention is important not only for individuals, their wellbeing and life quality from childhood to old age, but for the society as well, from social, labor and economic perspectives. In addition to preventive checkups and screening tests, vaccination plays an important role, being an effective tool for the prevention of major infectious diseases. Typically, it's highly infectious diseases that are being vaccinated against. The rising incidence of cancer, however, requires us to provide a protection against the onset and irreversible sequelae of cancer too. Therefore, researchers are trying to find options for cancer prevention. In cancer prevention, there are currently several vaccines available, such as vaccines against Hepatitis B and Human Papilloma Virus, as both infections are associated with cancer.



prevention, vaccination, general practitioner for children and adolescents, information, HPV infection, cancer, refusing vaccinations



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