Treatment with peroral vinorelbine in 98‑year old patient with locally advanced breast carcinoma – case report


MUDr. Igor Sirák

ANTI-NEO s.r.o., Hradec Králové



Locally advanced breast carcinoma is generally treated with systemic therapy prior to locoregional surgery and/or radiotherapy. Antracycline and taxane based chemotherapy is the method of choice in the neoadjuvant treatment, with considerable toxicity that make the treatment impossible in elderly and frail patients. On the other hand, peroral vinorelbine is generally well tolerated in older women with metastatic breast carcinoma, on the basis of prospective trials and long-term clinical practice. This is a case report describing excellent effect and tolerance to long-term vinorelbine chemotherapy in very old and frail woman with chemonaive locally advanced breast carcinoma. Long-term treatment with lasting and re-inducible response and good quality of life can be achieved by this accessible and inexpensive approach.



vinorelbine, breast carcinoma, chemotherapy



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