The side location of colorectal cancer affects the prognosis and treatment strategy


Doc. MUDr. David Vrána, Ph.D.

Onkologická klinika, LF UP a FN, Olomouc



Colorectal cancer represents second most frequent cancer in the population. In the last years there is a growing evidence about predictive and prognostic role of the tumor location in the gut in the case of metastatic cancer. There are several possible explanations based on the embryogenesis of the gut, bacterial colonization or genetic predisposition. Retrospective evaluation of clinical trials with targeted therapy (panitumumab, cetuximab) has clearly proven the advantage of anti-EGFR treatment in the case of left-sided colorectal cancer however not in right-sided cancer. Right-sided colorectal cancer has worse prognosis regardless of treatment. This difference is also apparent in subsequent treatment lines. In summary, side location represents predictive factor for anti-EGFR therapy and probably only predictive factor for bevacizumab treatment.



colorectal cancer, chemotherapy, targeted therapy



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