The role of elotuzumab in the treatment of multiple myeloma


Prof. MUDr. Ivan Špička, CSc.

I. interní klinika - klinika hematologie 1. LF UK a VFN, Praha



Therapy of multiple myeloma has substantially changed during last two decades due to new generation biological drugs proteasome inhibitors, immunomodulators and monoclonal antibodies. Elotuzumab is first in class monoclonal antibody approved for clinical use by Food and Drug Administration as „breakthrough therapy". Its target antigen is surface receptor SLAMF7 (or CS1) from CD2 group and SLAMF (signaling lymphocytic activation molecule) family. At present elotuzumab is approved for relapsed myeloma patients in combination with dexamethasone and either lenalidomide or pomalidomide.

Key words

multiple myeloma, monoclonal antibodies, elotuzumab, lenalidomide, pomalidomide



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