Přínos panitumumabu v léčbě kolorektálního karcinomu - kazuistika


MUDr. Stanislav John

Klinika onkologie a radioterapie FN Hradec Králové Ústav lékařské biologie a genetiky LF UK Hradec Králové



Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitors have become a standard part of combined treatment regimens for metastatic/advanced colorectal cancer. Their long-term use is linked to the mutational status of KRAS and NRAS genes, furthermore it is recommended rather for left-sided tumors.1,2 Following case report shows the significant benefit of EGFR inhibition with panitumumab during the treatment of a patient with a locally advanced rectosigmoid tumor, which, even after years, eventually led for a high hope for complete recovery.


Key words

colorectal carcinoma, targeted therapy, combined tumor treatment, panitumumab



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