Patient with synchronous metastatic colorectal cancer and multiple liver metastases – case report


Doc. MUDr. Igor Kiss, Ph.D.1; MUDr. Martin Ondrák2; prof. MUDr. Zdeněk Kala, CSc.3; MUDr. Vladimír Procházka, Ph.D.3; prof. MUDr. Vlastimil Válek, CSc.4; MUDr. Tomáš Andrašina, Ph.D.4

1 Klinika komplexní onkologické péče MOÚ a LF MU, Brno

2 Klinika operační onkologie MOÚ a LF MU, Brno

3 Chirurgická klinika LF MU a FN Brno

4 Klinika radiologie a nukleární medicíny LF MU a FN Brno



The case report describes a case of a patient in excellent general condition, highly motivated for surgical resection of liver, in whom no metastases were recorded before, during or after liver resection. Patients with „hepatic impairment only“ generally have a better prognosis. The patient tolerated the treatment very well and could undergo several cycles of systemic treatment with minimal hematological and neurological toxicity of systemic treatment. Even in the case of relapse, a rapid and significant effect of systemic treatment has been reported.


Key words

metastatic colorectal cancer, multiple liver metastases, liver resection



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