IR oxycodone in the treatment of breakthrough pain


MUDr. Marek Hakl, Ph.D.

Klinika aigezioiogie a preventivní péče, Medicinecare s.r.o. Chirurgická klinika LF MU a FN Brno



Breakthrough pain affects 60-85% of patients and is characterized by onset within seconds to minutes and short duration. We consider breakthrough pain as a sudden, transient, and short-lasting pain that occurs in opioid-treated patients. Breakthrough pain is a temporary worsening of pain in patients with well-controlled underlying pain. Poorly controlled breakthrough pain has a very negative impact on the quality of life of patients. The current treatment options for breakthrough pain include the use of transmucosal fentanyl and, in addition, IR oxycodone. Oxycodone has a relatively rapid onset of action, is well tolerated and easily titrated. It is a welcome enrichment of therapeutic options for treatment of oncological and non-oncological breakthrough pain.


Key words

oncological breakthrough pain, non-oncologic breakthrough pain, IR oxycodone



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