Immunomodulatory effect of radiotherapy

Supplementum 01/2019 Imunoterapie

Doc. MUDr. Martin Doležel, Ph.D.

KOC Multiscan; Nemocnice Pardubického kraje; 1. LF UK Praha, Onkologická klinika LF UP a FN Olomouc



The recent achievements of both preclinical and clinical immunooncological research have led to an increased interest in the immunomodulatory effect of radiotherapy and the associated necessity of assessing the effect of the combination of immunotherapy and ionizing radiation. An example is the PACIFIC study, which demonstrated that the combination of chemoradiotherapy and the durvalumab inhibitor checkpoint significantly improved the overall survival of non-small cell lung cancer patients at a median of 25.2 months. The enormous amount of ongoing studies is a great promise of new treatment options in the near future.



radiotherapy, immunomodulation, immunotherapy



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