How are the price and reimbursement of medicines set in the Czech Republic?


PharmDr. Lenka Vostalová, Ph.D.

Oddělení hodnocení zdravotnických technologií, SÚKL, Praha



The review explains historical development of pricing and reimbursement regulation of pharmaceuticals in the Czech Republic. It mentions time milestones with references to the key parts of the legislation related to the process of appraisal and assessment in pricing and reimbursement of therapies. In the CR, the determined reimbursement prices and conditions are a result of a complex evaluation of the added value represented by the assessed pharmaceutical, which reflects its level of comparative efficacy, safety, and quality-of-life benefits, compared to the other medicinal approaches and technologies reimbursed from the public health insurance resources in the relevant indication.



reimbursement price and conditions of medicines, administrative proceedings, health economic assessment and appraisal, cost-effectiveness, pharmacoeconomic analysis, budget impact analysis, analysis of the impact on health insurance budget, horizon scanning



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