Erlotinib in the first line treatment of the metastatic non‑small cell lung cancer


MUDr. Daniel Krejčí, MUDr. Jana Krejčí, doc. MUDr. Norbert Pauk, Ph.D.

Klinika pneumologie a hrudní chirurgie Nemocnice Na Bulovce a 3. LF UK, Praha



In the following text, we are discussing the case of a patient with non-small cell lung cancer, whom the presence of the activating mutation of the epidermal grow factor has been proved. We begun treatment with erlotinib in the first line until progression which appeared on computed tomography after 15 months. In the second line treatment she received three cycles of the chemotherapy with pemetrexed. The second line treatment was terminated due to progression and high hematotoxicity. Following the patient's wishes, further steps regarding treatment are now in the competence of the regional oncologist.



epidermal growth factor, erlotinib, mutation



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