Do CDK4/6 inhibitors change existing treatment practice in metastatic HR+/HER2– breast cancer?


MUDr. Michaela Zezulová, Ph.D.

Onkologická klinika LF UP a FN Olomouc



Hormonal therapy allows patients with metastatic hormone-positive tumours to control disease while maintaining the best quality of life. The problem of its long-term administration is the emergence of resistance. CDK4/6 inhibitors represent a new therapeutic group of drugs when combined with hormonal agents provide significant benefit in delaying resistance and prolonging progression free survival with a favourable safety profile. The greatest benefit is apparently achieved with the use of CDK4/6 inhibitors already in the first line, but even in the 2nd line, therapy is very beneficial. Common inclusion of CDK4/6 inhibitors in therapeutic practice is expected soon, but we have to wait for results of clinical trials for the optimal therapeutic sequence.



breast cancer, CDK4/6 inhibitors, abemaciclib, palbociclib, ribociclib



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