Další naděje pro terapii špatně léčitelných typů karcinomu prsu klíčí v Čechách


Prof. Ing. Jiří Neužil, CSc.

Biotechnologický ústav AV ČR, Praha a Griffith University, Southport, Austrálie



Breast cancer is highly heterogeneous and its different types are differently susceptible to therapy. Some types are hard to manage and some are practically incurable. It is therefore important to find new target sites that would not be subject to mutations and that would be utilised for targeted therapy of neoplastic diseases with limited toxicity of normal tissues. Therefore, we designed and tested a novel anti-cancer agent derived from tamoxifen, which is targeted to mitochondria. Contrary to tamoxifen, the new agent is efficient against hard-to-treat types of breast cancer. We are currently preparing phase 1 clinical trial of our new agent.



breast cancer, mitochondria, new anti-cancer agents, phase 1 clinical trial



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