Colorectal cancer screening


MUDr. Tomáš Grega, doc. MUDr. Štěpán Suchánek, Ph.D., prof. MUDr. Miroslav Zavoral, Ph.D.

Interní klinika 1. LF UK a Ústřední vojenské nemocnice - Vojenské fakultní nemocnice, Praha



Colorectal cancer screening is an effective tool for reducing the incidence and mortality of this disease. This is demonstrated by epidemiological data and microsimulation models too. Effective colorectal cancer screening can be achieved based on a population screening program where each individual is addressed and invited to the screening. Screening in the Czech Republic does not reach the minimum recommended coverage according to the international recommendation, where the target coverage by screening is at least 45 % of population. These results show that there is still space for improvement, especially there is needed to continue with address invitation to screening and continue in efforts to increase coverage by screening, for example by lowering the age limit for screening colonoscopy and introducing a central office for address invitations with a central evaluation of occult blood tests.



colorectal cancer, epidemiology, population-based screening, address invitation, screening tests



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