Borderline ovarian tumors


MUDr. Jaroslav Klát, Ph.D.

Onkogynekologické centrum, Gynekologicko-porodnická klinika LF OU a FN Ostrava



Borderline ovarian tumors represent 10-20 % of all epithelial tumors of ovary. Borderline ovarian tumors are characterized by cellular proliferation and nuclear atypia, but they usually do not show infiltrative growth pattern. They differ from epithelial ovarian cancer by their low incidence, early stage diagnosis, different percentages of the most common histological types, and high survival rate even when associated with advanced stage of the disease. They occur in young women, which is why one of the objectives in these patients will be preservation of fertility. The management of these tumors is still controversial and widely discussed. Due to higher risk of recurrence in patients undergoing a conservative surgical treatment, the long-time follow-up is needed.


Key words

borderline ovarian tumor, fertility, surgical treatment, adjuvant treatment



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