Atypical immune response in melanoma treated with anti‑PD‑1 antibody – case report


MUDr. Simona Michalčová

Kožní oddělení LF OU a FN Ostrava



Case report describe atypical immune response in patient with high-risk melanoma, stadium III, adjuvantly treated with anti-PD-1 antibody nivolumab, noticed in the first 3 months of therapy. PET/CT (positrom emision tomography) showed the presence of pathological lymph-nodes in mediastinum, suspicion to interstitial lung disease and extensive densifications of the subcutaneous fat of extremities with pathological metabolic activity. In cooperation with pneumo-oncologist the adverse event of immunotherapy (autoimmune pneumonitis) was excluded.


Key words

malignant melanoma, nivolumab, atypical immune response



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