Atezolizumab in breast cancer therapy


MUDr. Nikol Rušarová1,2; MUDr. Marie Bartoušková1

1 Onkologická klinika FN Olomouc

2 LF UP, Olomouc



Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer of women (except of skin tumors). In addition, up to 30 percent of women with early-stage, non-metastatic breast cancer at diagnosis will develop distant metastatic disease. Currently due to preventive examinations and mammography examination the incidence of breast cancer is increasing, which was 146 women / 100 000 inhabitants in 2017. But mortality decreases due to new possibilities of treatment and enlargement of the treatment armamentarium. In 2017 the mortality rate was 34.7 women / 100 000 inhabitants.


Key words

triple-negative breast cancer, atezolizumab, PD-L1



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