The family of CDK4/6 inhibitors is growing


MUDr. Věra Benešová

Komplexní onkologické centrum Nemocnice Jihlava



The breast carcinoma belongs among the most frequently occurred malignant female illnesses in our country. Implementation of the screening programme enables to detect carcinoma at the I. or at the II. clinical stage in spite of the fact that the diagnosis of patients at the metastatic stage takes place, metastasis occurs by already cured patients too. Approximately 70 % of patients affected by the breast carcinoma is hormonally positive. Application of hormonal treatment has currently been prioritized for its efficiency and favourable effect with low profile of toxicity. Exception are just the patients with visceral crisis. The issue of the hormonal treatment efficiency is the creation of resistance against it. One of the ways how to postpone creation of resistance against hormonal treatment and to improve its efficiency is to combine it with the inhibitors CDK4/6.



breast metastatic carcinoma, hormonal resistance, inhibitors CDK4/6



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