Radiotherapy in the treatment of breast cancer


MUDr. Tomáš Svoboda, Ph.D.; Bc. Daniela Čechová

Onkologická a radioterapeutická klinika LF a FN Plzeň



Radiotherapy is one of the most basic methods of anticancer treatment, including breast cancer. It is used in a number of situations in terms of use, it is most often a standard part of adjuvant treatment, but it can be used at any time with a palliative intention, both in the area of primary tumor and metastatic disease in virtually any location. The method is undergoing huge development. Thanks to the use of modern diagnostic methods, planning has been significantly refined, fractionation regimes are undergoing development, and with much better instrumentation, much stricter limits can be applied to protect the surrounding organs. Radiation oncologists are able to respond to a wide range of situations, such as reconstructive procedures, adjustments of target volumes based on a comparison of risks against benefits, but also to replace previously common radical surgical procedures. Breast saving surgery and removal of only the sentinel node, in most cases supplemented by radiation therapy, represent a completely comparable alternative while maintaining the mental state, body integrity and quality of life of patients. On the contrary, studies based on the administration of systemic therapy in combination with radiotherapy with the omission of surgical treatment are currently underway. The results will certainly be interesting, but a relatively long follow up time will be needed to sufficiently compare the different approaches.


Key words

radiotherapy, breast cancer



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