Pregnancy after breast cancer treatment


MUDr. Renata Koževnikovová

Onkocentrum Medicon Services, s.r.o., Praha



Breast cancer is the most common malignity in female population. Over the past years, incidence hasn't risen as well as prognosis has improved. Although the newly diagnosed women under 40 makes just small part of all cases, with higher age of reproduction start, after-treatment pregnancy has been increasingly frequent question. Available data shows that pregnancy after treatment is safe regardless of type and stage, if started after treatment, respectively after breast cancer diagnose. Pregnancy was observed in patients treated at our center in years 2003-2016. It was recorded 44 pregnancies at 29 women in total. It was born 38 healthy children; 1 dead and 5 gravidities were early terminated. Only one patient died of disease progression, which occurred during pregnancy, other patients are in long term disease remission. Average observation time is 9,5 years. Our observation results confirm after treatment pregnancy safety, according to published data.


Key words

breast cancer, fertility preservation, pregnancy, prognosis



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