Optune™ (Tumor treating fields) in the treatment of glioblastoma


Prof. MUDr. Josef Vymazal, DrSc.; MUDr. Aaron Michael Rulseh, Ph.D.

Nemocnice Na Homolce, Praha



Tumor treating fields (Optune™) is an approved method to treat both de novo and recurrent glioblastoma. The method is based on the fact that an alternating electric current of given characteristics inhibits cell division. This principle can also be applied in other tumors. A pilot study of this method was performed in the Czech Republic and fifteen years later 20% of the patients are alive. Based on further international studies, this method was included in NCNN Category 1 criteria for glioblastoma treatment. The treatment is non-invasive, and the main side effect is local skin irritation. This technique is suitable for patients that have finished standard therapy and are in good clinical condition without significant tumor progression at the time of treatment initiation. In some countries the treatment is reimbursed by health insurance providers. Currently, there are intensive negotiations with health insurance companies about its reimbursement in the Czech Republic.


Key words

glioblastoma, Optune™, MRI, prognosis, treatment



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