Cytoreductive nephrectomy and metastasectomy at the time of modern immunotherapy and targeted treatment


MUDr. Jana Katolická, Ph.D.

Onkologicko-chirurgické oddělení, FN u sv. Anny, Brno



Cytoreductive nephrectomy followed by systemic therapy had been considered the standard of care for metastatic renal cell carcinoma patients during the cytokines era. The publication of two randomized clinical trials (CARMENA and SURTIME) has reinvigorated debate about the utility of cytoreductive nephrectomy as well as the optimal treatment sequence for patients newly diagnosed with metastatic renal cancer. The prospective clinical trials supporting cytoreductive nephrectomy were needed in immunotherapy era.


Key words

cytoreductive nephrectomy, cytokines, targeted therapy, immunotherapy



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