Avelumab and its therapeutic use in uro‑oncology


MUDr. Jindřich Kopecký, Ph.D.

Klinika onkologie a radioterapie LF UK a FN, Hradec Králové



Immunotherapy has become an integral part of cancer therapy over the last decade. Treatment of uro-oncological malignancies is no exception. Gradually, nivolumab, pembrolizumab, and ipilimumab have become cornerstones for renal and bladder cancer therapy. Avelumab is becoming another monoclonal antibody that is effective in these cancers. And although it could be said to be another of the molecules. This treatment brings not only the possibility of a wider choice of effective therapy but also, for example, in the case of urothelial carcinoma, a new way of use.


Key words

avelumab, immunotherapy, urothelial cancer, renal cancer



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