Atezolizumab in the treatment of small cell lung cancer


MUDr. Jaromír Roubec, Ph.D.

Komplexní onkologické centrum, nemocnice Nový Jičín; Vítkovická nemocnice, Ostrava – Vítkovice



In this overview are presented data and results of the combination check-point inhibitor atezolizumab and chemotherapy from the clinical trial IMpower133 in the extensive-stage small cell lung cancer. This data new support introducing of this therapeutic modality into clinical praxis based on the prolonged progression free survival and overall survival. Discussed is the problem of the therapy of the small cell lung cancer and next possibilities with using of the immunotherapy in the combination in this time used therapies and next perspectives in this area.


Key words

SCLC, extensive disease, immunotherapy, chemotherapy



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