Adverse events of oncological treatment in a general practitioner’s ambulance


MUDr. Jiří Navrátil, Ph.D.

Klinika komplexní onkologické péče, Masarykův onkologický ústav, Brno



Cancer treatment may be accompanied by a number of side effects. We always try to educate our patients, they are equipped with a telephone emergency number and often also with rescue medication, which they can use in case of problems (antiemetics, antidiarrheals, analgesics, etc.). Nevertheless, there may be situations where patients go with their problems primarily to a general practitioner (they do not use the recommended medication, or the recommended medication is not enough, the patient did not pick up the drugs in the pharmacy and so on). Good cooperation between a general practitioner and an oncologist is therefore very important. The most common side effects of oncological treatment including immunotherapy and their management in general practitioner will be presented in the article.


Key words

oncological treatment, toxicity, immunotherapy, general practitioner



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